It’s all about the wave

After the night we had there really was only one place to wander to this morning. The cliffs along Durlston’s coast were taking a real battering as wave after wave cannoned into the rocks. The blow hole at Tily Whim was shooting sea water skyward and living up to its name, sounding more like a surfacing whale than anything else, but it was the sheer power of the sea that mesmerises.
There are many places where it is perfectly safe to watch the sea up here and any time spent doing just that is not wasted. The key word though is ‘safe’! Too many people risk their lives to help others that take too many risks and we all owe it to ourselves and them to stay safe.

I always take far too many shots of the waves, but I have whittled them down to just a few…





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About Julian Sawyer

It is easy these days to spend hours processing shots on a computer, removing twigs or imperfections, changing colours to make the shot more pleasing or even adding something that may be missing, but I do not do that. Nature, by its very design, is perfectly imperfect and that is how I want my photographs to be. Sometimes the light is not quite right, sometimes the animal will not pose in the way I want or decides to stay hidden, that is the beauty of wildlife photography and I find it frustratingly magical.