I spend as much time as I can exploring the beautiful Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula on the southern tip of the the county of Dorset in England. The photographs I take, hopefully, help to express how I feel about this magical place and show you things which you may see if you come to visit. All the photographs of wild birds and animals are taken in there own environment. Please feel free to click on the picture to see it larger or to look at my other photographs.

Dolphins or Bust

If you are very lucky you can see Dolphins from the coast path on the Isle of Purbeck but you do have to be very lucky…more here

A Badger’s Evening

I have been watching a Badger sett for a while now but, although it is a busy old place, taking photographs can be a little tricky…more here

A Good Morning

This morning’s wander along the cliff top started pretty well and only got better. As soon as we reached the path…more here

The Purbeck Coast

I take any opportunity to get out on a boat to see the Purbeck coast from the water. Apart from the sea birds, including at this time of year our Puffins…more here

The Joys of Wildlife Photography


A lot of wildlife photographs are taken from hides that enable you to watch without being seen. The problem here is… more here



There can be no doubt that if you spend enough time with a wild animal a relationship, of sorts, can build up and the animal will recognise you… more here

That’s More Like It!

This morning’s early wander was bathed in a warm Sun that has been missing quite a bit lately and before the wind picked up all was calm…more here

The Golden Hour?

Any photographer will tell of The Golden Hour: that time just after sunrise and just before sunset when the light is softer than at other times of day…more here

Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

Just a few metres from the Priest’s Way is a patch of land that was cleared for quarrying just a few years ago… more here

Birds of a Feather

There is nothing like a bit of Sun to bring out the birds and with the Sun comes more opportunities to get out and about…more here

About Julian Sawyer

It is easy these days to spend hours processing shots on a computer, removing twigs or imperfections, changing colours to make the shot more pleasing or even adding something that may be missing, but I do not do that. Nature, by its very design, is perfectly imperfect and that is how I want my photographs to be. Sometimes the light is not quite right, sometimes the animal will not pose in the way I want or decides to stay hidden, that is the beauty of wildlife photography and I find it frustratingly magical.