Grey Thursdays

Although this morning’s early wander wasn’t as bright and sunny as it could have been, the cliffs were welcoming and the view was as good as it always is. The soundtrack that accompanies the walk is familiar but ever changing depending on how close to the cliff edge you get and what Mother Nature decides to send your way. Above the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks Jackdaws and gulls try to dominate the airwaves but there is always more if you listen. DSC06837twOn a grey day when photographs will never do this place justice perhaps it is just time to put the camera down and enjoy the surroundings.

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About Julian Sawyer

It is easy these days to spend hours processing shots on a computer, removing twigs or imperfections, changing colours to make the shot more pleasing or even adding something that may be missing, but I do not do that. Nature, by its very design, is perfectly imperfect and that is how I want my photographs to be. Sometimes the light is not quite right, sometimes the animal will not pose in the way I want or decides to stay hidden, that is the beauty of wildlife photography and I find it frustratingly magical.