From Riverbank to Wetlands

After yesterday’s wander along the River Stour at Blandford and the resulting two hour game of hide and seek with an Otter it was time to move on…more here

Tales From the Riverbank

I had been watching the forecast all week, waiting for a break in the weather to give me a chance to get out with my camera…more here

Early: Just Before Breakfast

For a while this morning, as a rising Sun shone brightly between a growing cloud bank, the light was just about perfect…more here

Windblown and Wornout

It was always going to be blowy, the weather forecast was clear about that and you could see white horses leaping from the waves in the bay…more here

A Tale of Two Views

Whichever way you looked this morning you were greeted with a different sky. Dark looming clouds skirted the Isle of Purbeck to the south but…more here

From Grey to Blue

There is no escaping the weather and early walks are really suffering at the moment, with fog closing in all around…more here

It’s All About the Wind

The moon was still high in the sky when we reached the cliffs this morning and for once you couldn’t hear the waves as they crashed onto the rocks of…more here

Winds and White Water.

When walking our cliffs it is easy to forget that pretty much the whole of the southern ridge, from Durlston to Worth, would have once been a big …more here

A Date With Eleanor.

A few things happened on this morning’s early walk some were good, some not so good but all can be blamed on Storm Eleanor…more here

Waiting for blue skies.

This morning’s walk was later than usual and that didn’t please the dogs. It was wet too and although Benny doesn’t care… more here

About Julian Sawyer

It is easy these days to spend hours processing shots on a computer, removing twigs or imperfections, changing colours to make the shot more pleasing or even adding something that may be missing, but I do not do that. Nature, by its very design, is perfectly imperfect and that is how I want my photographs to be. Sometimes the light is not quite right, sometimes the animal will not pose in the way I want or decides to stay hidden, that is the beauty of wildlife photography and I find it frustratingly magical.